Hello folks.  Today is my little one’s birthday and he becomes 6 today.  Every minute with him is a great and we are best friends.  He is even telling him Mom how much he likes Xmas music since I play it non stop in the house for the moth of December.  20 more days until Christmas.

Many thanks to those that came to the fiesta.   We had a pretty good turnout of chicas and a nice group of chicas looking for employment.  You may have seen Mary just added to the site and I could have sent her with about 7 different guys on that night and she did leave with a very nice gentleman, and he tells me the date went very well.

I am very disappointed with some chicas not being in attendance. When a chica asks for work and then does not make these parties I just feel like she does not want to work. One chica that gets overlooked is AlexSandra but she was one of the first ones there and was gobbled up for an overnight quickly.  Hopefully she can parlay that into more opportunities as a few guys commented on how good she was looking Saturday.

I believe our guests got a big kick out of the orgasm contest.  I know I did and the completion was close between Chloe and the winner Kytanna.  I probably should have called it a tie and pay them both.

You guys were great and some donated some money to our Amigos of Santa program.  We are going to give away much more that in previous years.   I think we have about 100 soccer balls with pumps and about 100 Barbie type dolls as well as lots of things like toothpaste and toothbrushes, with hot chocolate and socks and lot of candy also.  Just praying that we are not out in the rain again this year.

I will try to organize another party around mid March.  As soon as it is confirmed I will post it on this site.

I have finished my Christmas shopping but I bet I find something else to buy…can’t help myself.  You all be careful on your movements and just take your time to get where you are going.  I am sure I will be writing before Christmas, but be safe out there please.

Posted on: December 5, 2017Lindo Barre

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