Well if you have not finish or started your Christmas shopping you are in some real trouble. In addition to busy malls you are looking at some tough traffic to negotiate as well. Whatever you are doing be safe and get home to your family.

I have so many things at home as I always but lots of extra things like cookies, candy, popcorn and chocolates. I am trying to devise a plan of where I can take everything. I do have some good chocolates and cookies to take to the nice people at Ticuan, that always are willing to assist me. A few things to give my taxi drivers and some things for my neighbors.

Tonight we package up all the gifts and stockings for the kids to give away in the early afternoon to early evening on the 24th. It normally takes about 4 hours to get everything ready and then about 5 hours to distribute them the following day. I am going to buy some more candy for the stockings later this morning so we should be in good shape there.

I will take time later to reflect on some traditions that surround the holidays and remember some good times with my family. I love to drink some Egg Nog and drive around looking at Christmas lights and listening to Holiday music as I am at this moment on San Diego station 96.5. It is all coming to a close but I will cherish it to the very end.

My be watching NBA games on Christmas out of default. If I see anything else on I may opt for that as I find Jerry Springer reruns to be a bit more entertaining. That is my problem though as I am sure the network will do well with their NBA games.

As far as work is concerned it should be very light until the 26th and probably light on NYE as most girls prefer to be out with their friends on that night. It is a good night to stay in(NYE), and I am guessing that is what I will do. I do have interviews on the 26th so it will be back to work quickly and that is what I like.

Just be careful out there folks. I wish you the best, and when things are challenging just take a deep breath and accept it. Tomorrow is another day and do not let someone’s problem become your problem. We will be waiting for your return and look forward to a great 2020.

Posted on: December 23, 2019Lindo Barre

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