Hope you are all getting ready for the Holiday.  Two weeks left for Christmas.  One thing I have not embraced is buying gifts on the internet.  I like being able to see what I am buying and touch a present before buying.  I suppose some say the same with escorts and that is why we have parties….at least that is part of the reason for our parties.  I have however bought over the internet.  I was said to see Toys R US close down their brick and mortar locations.

Today I go to school to give a presentation on how Christmas is celebrated in Holland.  Did you know that the Dutch actually celebrate Christmas on the 5th of December?  One of the interesting things I learned that their Santa enters Holland at different ports every year. For those kids that behave badly, they are put in a sack and taken to Spain to learn to behave. There Santa is called SinterKlass and his helper is Zwarte Pieten (Black Peter) and it is Zwarte Pieten who puts the bad children in the bag to take back to Spain.  His is a picture of two of them   They do say that many other helpers dress up like SinterKlass and Zwarte Pieten because that is too much for one team to handle.


I have more to buy but I am catching up quickly.  Just remember to be safe out there.


Posted on: December 11, 2018Lindo Barre

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