Fiesta is only 2 days away!   People are starting to schedule again after being a bit nervous about the Caravan.  The border was closed at San Ysidro Sunday for a few hours but has been open ever since.  The pedestrian lines are short as usual with wait times of 15 minutes or less.

Looks like we will have a good turn out of chicas and many have commented about last years party.  I have even more gifts for this year and looking forward to a lot of fun.  My friend Obama will be our DJ as this is the first part since Big Lou has passed.  The nice people at El Torito are going to put up a big picture of Lou by the DJ booth.

Anyone that has anything to say in Lou’s memory is welcome to take the mike and help us remember him.  I am sure I will tear up but that is the way I am…..and I am not embarrassed to cry or show emotion.  Business has been outstanding the last 2 days and lots of dates scheduled this entire weekend.

Hope you can join us and am looking forward to the presentation.  Ana Lucia does not understand why she has to wear a blue dress but maybe you and call her “diabla” when you see her.

Be careful out there.  See you real soon.


Posted on: November 30, 2018Lindo Barre

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