Rain is much needed and we got plenty. It may rain today some more but I am not rooting for it. We are having our water shut off one day a week now because of a water shortage. Now before you panic, the hotels have extra water for when their water is shut off, so unless you are staying in an apartment or condo you won’t suffer any difference.

I hope you get a chance to see some of these new chicas. All has been good so far. I still have two new chicas to ad, but we all know that until I get pics we really never know. I am sure we will have a few folks inquiring at our party so hopefully a new superstar will emerge.

I have taken my Santa…err Gringo Clause gear to the dry cleaners. I am going to take my boy out and try to see if folks will give him a donation for a picture with Gringo Claus. Last year on the Xmas Eve I must have had 30 or 40 people asking for pictures and asking me “how much for a picture?” So I made a sign for his to carry and we will go out to Revolucion one Saturday afternoon. The idea is for him to make some money to buy his Mother and Aunt presents for the Holiday. He is a bit shy but I am hoping he will accept donations and wish people a Merry Christmas. He is about to turn 8 and his birthday is only two weeks away.

I am anticipating more chicas in our fiesta than never before. That being said I believe it will be short of 30 but many of our most popular chicas this year and earlier arrivals as well. I have really been on this for more than a month and am going to try a new approach to get the ladies circulating a bit more. Some of the ladies are buying special outfits like Perla did a few years ago. I am looking forward to it and super excited.

Seems like the number of bi-sexual dates has been rising. Personally I would like that if I was a client, bu at the same time I don’t have but one bullet in my pistol. Maybe you can call me “Barney Fife”:) Some of you guys amaze me with what you can do at an advanced age. Gisselle has worked with Dulce, Angelica, Katia and Sara C recently. Marena has also worked with Sara C. Gisselle seems to love the parties as I think she wants to do more bi-sexual dates and with more chicas.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get your hotel reservations in soon as the nicer hotels will book up quickly. Lots of guys have already scheduled their dates but some are holding out and no doubt we will have ladies that are not scheduled at the fiesta that can do dates that night.

Abby is still the superstar of the team. Nicole’s newest pics are getting her more attention as are Katia’s. Marena, Gisselle, Ana Lucia, Sara C, Sarah V, Melani C, Angelica, and Sandra have betting work recently so our top 10 is bring strong. Natasha, and Katherine both got great reports on their first dates. Grecil has done well but I would like to see that sexy spinner get some more work.

I am really putting lots of attention on our party and have not taken the time to blog recently and I am truly sorry about that. With NCAA Football, the NFL and of course NCAA basketball underway I am spread a little thin but trying to stay on it. From a betting perspective all 3 have been quite profitable recently and I just hope I don’t jinx myself. Today their is college basketball from 8am going all day so I may not leave the house.

Please be safe out there. Don’t let yourself get into conflict with impatient drivers and think about your children and family when these things come up. A parking place at the mall is just not that important, so let it be the other guys problem and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

See you soon and when you are ready, we will be here waiting.

Posted on: November 22, 2019Lindo Barre

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