There is so much going on.  I am so much looking forward to the fiesta and seeing all the chicas along with lots of our friends.  I have really prepared with lots of gifts for the chicas in the raffles.  I am anticipating a big turnout.

Sometimes this business can be so unfair to the chicas.  A new chica will come along and a chica will somewhat fall off the radar and not earn like she did before even though she gives is up like a tramp every day and truly enjoys her visitors. I don’t have an answer for that as it is the nature of the business.

I once posted a list of chicas that always perform well and then guys were writing to me to tell me about their favorite chicas.  If I miss your chica, I apologize.  Somehow from time to time chicas perform well with one guy and not with another.  I cannot answer that either as these same guys have great dates and then I get blind-sided by a report of a chica that did not perform well.

I was recently surprised with a date where the chica was scared to death and the date went great and I got a “she was great” e-mail.  I have been working with chicas for more than 30 years and sometimes I get surprised.  I love to hear that a chica is doing well and I need to hear when a chica is not performing.

With all that said, here is a list of chicas I call superstars…they don’t have bad days















Keytlin ( I thought she may be problematic, but she has surprised me)






Monse S






Folks there are other good performers, but these are the most consistent providers we have.   How you rate their appearance is another matter, but these chicas will give you a great GFE date every day.  Many of them are really attractive as well.  If I had to put my agencies reputation on the line, I would not hesitate letting any one of these chicas represent our agency like sending a pitcher out to pitch the 7th game of the World Series.  These are all top performers.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and the next 5 days are fun filled football days.  I am sure I will be staying home and watching the games, and will be entertaining the little guy.  I have finished buying his gifts and I am sure he is going to be one happy youngster when Xmas comes.

I have also got a new tree..decorate Friday, and different props for outside of the house.  Looking forward to hearing Xmas music for the entire month of December.

Be safe folks and be patient.  You don’t know the mindset of anyone on the roads and don’t put yourself in a position to let someone taking you away from your family over a stupid road rage incident.  Be the bigger person and be there for your families.  Have a nice Holiday and we will talk soon.

Posted on: November 22, 2017Lindo Barre

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