Well tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I am sure I will see a few football games and somehow have some turkey.  Have not decided where yet, but was hoping to eat at Ticuan.

Strangely enough a lot of guys are opting for Friday or Sunday dates the weekend of the fiesta.  I am guessing the next week will be a bit of a rush for scheduling dates, but time will tell.  Plenty of chicas still available.

I had a guy cancel a date 3 weeks ago because of the caravan.  Tried to explain that they were in Mexico City and would not be here any time soon.  No luck with that guy.  Many folks are concerned about the caravan but I think there is not much to worry about.  What I have seen is a bunch of folks a long way from home looking a bit scared and confused.  I have seen none of the things I read on the internet.  There are a few folks here that somehow feel threatened by their presence.  One lady screamed that “you are not taking over our city”.   Seems silly that a few hundred people would take over a city of well over 1 million.  I have gone by their camps a few times this week and just see nothing but quiet people uncertain of their fate.  That is a position I am glad I am not in.

Divina is coming back and I hope she will be at the fiesta.  She will start working around that time but for the time being no overnights as she gets acclimated to the new boy.  She says the child is mine and truth be told I wish he was mine, but we have not had relations and I am not God (just play one on the internet).  As always I wish her the best and welcome her back.  By the way I see children referred to as “it” and maybe I am guilty a little, but it does bother me to hear “It is not my child”  Can’t we say “He or She is not my child”.

I do have more interviews coming up so you may see some new faces at the fiesta.  Everyone seems to have a friend that wants to work.

Hope to see you next weekend and be careful out there.

Posted on: November 21, 2018Lindo Barre

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