Hope everyone is well.

Things are so different today that I am not sure what is the “new normal” and things change with the quickness. I see different implications in business to social distancing standards. Sometimes I think businesses make changes to conform with what is easier for them and with no regard to what is best to slow down the spread of this virus. Businesses are not consistent on either side of the border.

My thought is that when available businesses should have separate doors to enter and leave. Yet I see businesses with yellow caution tape closing a door and forcing customers to enter and leave through the same door. Now all I really know is what I see on television and tend to believe the officials.  To slow down the spread we need to keep social distancing and how better to do that than use two doors so each one is only used half as much.  Now a business may close one door as they feel that it helps them control  inventory.  If that situation I think more attention by security is the best answer along with training of their employees.   Some of these businesses even have signs that say this door should remain open during stores hours as ordered by the fire martial.  So now creating a fire hazard seems like the lesser of two evils?  Help expose people to the virus and keep evacuation routes limited, somehow is the choice of some folks in decision making positions.

In Mexico, I see mats on the floor that are required to walk on that are suppose to disinfect the clients walking in.  Now I don’t really get that need but at the least I don’t see any harm in that.   I see that a lot in Mexico, but have not seen it in the US, but I visit more Mexican businesses than American.  One restaurant I visit in Tijuana does a good job of providing two doors that must be at least 20 yards apart.  They even have life music a few days a week, but do not allow dancing, require people to put their masks back on when walking to and from the bathroom or leaving the business.  Kudos to them for doing what is best for the public and our health.

One business I visit in the US forces everyone to enter and leave through one door and has the other door closed that was always open before this pandemic.  Yet I have been told that every employee in that business had the Corona Virus at some point during the last several moths.  Hey I am not the Corona Virus police, but what are they thinking?

Hopefully we have a vaccine available soon. In the mean time everyone can try and eliminate their exposure.  At the very least wear a mask and wash your hands often.  I find it so disrespectful to not wear a mask in public.  Younger people take their cues from us and try to be a positive role model on the youth.   We have so many challenges today but let’s try to control what we can and to the “right thing”.

Wishing you all the best and just be careful out there.  When you are comfortable returning we will be here.

Posted on: September 9, 2020Lindo Barre

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