Well I finally updated the fiesta thread. I am doing all I know to do to get a big turn out of ladies and I took a few ladies off our site as they did not come to our fiesta. I have mentioned this in the letter that went out to all chicas. It really does not set well with me when a lady continues to send messages that say “I need work” yet they don’t make the time to come to a party where I routinely invest around $1500 to showcase our business. It is my feeling that if you really want to work, you will find time to make our two events a year and give up 2 to 3 hours of your Saturday. Heaven forbid, you may even have fun.

Arantza benefited from our last party in a big way as did Melissa and both are excellent providers but that exposure at the parties can change a ladies popularity in those few hours. I am going to work on having even more gifts for both the men and the women and have already spent a few hundred dollars. I figure to spend $20 to $50 move each week for the next two months so there will be lots of give a ways. For the men I am concentrating on bottles of alcohol, which in some cases gets re-gifted to a lady anyway. I hope to have a couple of restaurants owners present to bring them some attention as well.

The interviews are coming along well, and once again Luz has said she wants to work. So far that has not translated into her taking pictures, but we can only hope. I visited yesterday with a couple of ladies in their 20’s and I hope to have their pics up soon.

Football has not been consistent for me this year, but I have managed to stay about 50% and hope to increase my % a little every week. There are still lots of games to be played and when we get into November there is football played nearly every day of the week.

One thing that has killed me is that I lost my DirecTV but am hopeful that I will have in by this weekend once again. In Tijuana normally there are some guys that have accounts in their US home and “Add a room” to their account for another television and the company only increases their bill a minimal amount so they may share their receiver with someone like me for a profit. I pay about $60 each month but I guess my guy added too many rooms to his US account and it was shut down. He will get the problem resolved but it was brutal watching football on cable on Saturday. I think I bet 14 games and watched 3 of them. The package in itself is a good value as it has about 10-15 HBO channels and other like Show Time. I don’t watch many movies but that can make the value of the package more lucrative to lots of other guys.

Been quite busy and just want to assure you that all is well here and with my health as well. Will write more later but the phone is going nuts and it has taken me 30 minutes to write the last paragraph. Be safe out there and we will be waiting for you.

Posted on: October 8, 2019Lindo Barre

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