Back from the dentist today. Always like to get my doctor’s appointments out of the way early.

While crossing the border I was thinking about how many of these women have a baby’s father that is not with them any longer, but still try to control their lives. I don’t know many of these guys and I don’t want to lump them all into the same pile, but all too often a chica is worried about being discovered by an ex.

Now a common theme is the baby’s Daddy will threaten to use the legal system to threaten the lady if she does not quit working he will gain custody of the child. Is the father really worried about the child or is he worried that the chica does not need him any longer? I tend to feel that if a chica would say, you are right let me turn over custody of our child, the baby’s daddy would be scared something terrible. Maybe there are other situations.

Which leads me to think about the sacrifices these ladies are making. Now you can argue that they are lazy and taking the easy way out, but I don’t think their job is easy and they are sacrificing a lot for their children. There are however those mothers that do not really provide well for their children and just want to have access to money regularly without giving 40 or 48 hours of their week in a very structured work place. Many of these ladies do not have the opportunity to work a normal schedule and find it difficult to give up that many hours and still run the household.

I do see some that have their children in a private school, and that have well behaved children dressed nice and acting like young adults and getting an education better than what Mom has. I guess one thing is important is a good reliable baby sitter and sometimes that is Mom. That in itself can be a problem if Mom is unaware of how the chica is earning money. You have to think she has to know?

I was going to write a power ratings post on my last blog entry when I ran out of time. What I really want to say is that Abby seems to be 100% on spot for great GFE service and to date has 100% satisfied clients. Reyna has been well received. Ana Lucia gets high marks and maybe a lot of that is about her sweet disposition and her million dollar smile. Melani C, Sara, Gisselle, and Dulce are doing great, with Melani C being out of town until the 12th now I believe. All should be at our fiesta in December and it should be lots of fun. Another steady performer has been Carolina who is our super Milf.

Going to relax for awhile before watching some football tonight. Please be safe and don’t forget to reserve your room early for the fiesta weekend and make plans ahead of time. We will be waiting for you!

Posted on: October 25, 2019Lindo Barre

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