Hello Everyone, hope you are doing well.  Tijuana is close to open fully now, but I am not sure that is a good idea and will be monitoring what is going on. The Zona Bars all opened recently and not sure what the rules are but if I do find out I will advise.  I would expect that wearing a mask is required, however I also expect them not to enforce that rule.  I also would not be surprised if they get shut down again.

The corona virus is still being spread in Tijuana and I have know friends and neighbors to get this virus.  It is not “like the flu” as you may hear and it attacks your respiratory system.  It does affect people differently so please do not count me as an “expert” on the subject.

Most businesses are open and you should wear a mask and they are for sale all over our city.  I have found them from $1 to $15 and you have to be firm and not get taken advantage of. Street vendors are everywhere but as you may expect those vendors very near the border sell them at an inflated price.

I think I will have the Christmas party for the chicas only so I can recognize them for their work and professionalism. I would love to have it live on Face Book but I am afraid that may create other problems, but if we get pics I will make some available. I would guess we will try to have a Xmas in March, April or May if we get a handle on this virus. Of course it will be open to everyone.

We are very busy now and have had a couple of really good weeks, and looking forward to a strong finish to this year.  Some of you may not be ready to visit and believe me we understand.  We will however be here when you are ready.

Be safe and we ar waiting for you!


Posted on: October 14, 2020Lindo Barre

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