Today is my friend Maria’s birthday.  She turned 76 today and has been my friend for 24 years now.  She is living in Arizona now and I miss her a ton.  Have not been able to reach her, but she has always been such a good friend.  Left her a voice mail this morning, but most recently she has expressed a dissatisfaction with my line of work and maybe has removed me from her life.  All I can do is remember the good times and wish her the best.  Strangely she has met some of the Team Juanita chicas and seemed to like them.

Penelope will be available for work on Thursday and should be making new friends and become reacquainted with some from years previous.  Valentina just left and hopefully some day she will be back.  Divina has not suggested that she will be back but I am crossing my fingers.

I understand that Karina and Griselda would work bi-sexual together and that would be a very passionate and horny team. I have a feeling some guy is going to feel they should pay him as they will have way to much for for anyone doing a job.  I understand that they got a new apartment together and maybe they are practicing.

Michel, Nicole, Rebecca, Kytana, Nina and Marbella seem to be the flavors of the week, but they all battle it out for most popular.  Nicole’s new pics have helped her as she had always worked with selfies before.  Sherry has been proposed to twice now since I got those pics from a fiesta. Angeles has also benefited from her  new pics (and not covering her face) and clients the last month have all rated her highly recently. Jade has a few dates this week and we should know about her soon.  Gisselle has been on a few dates and has a few on the calendar but folks still ask for her on days she cannot work.

Hope you are enjoying the baseball playoffs.  Looks like the Cubs/Natinonal game 5 has been postponed until tomorrow.  Probably be a game I don’t want to miss.

We have a big weekend planned already so if you are thinking about coming please request your chica early and make you room reservations early as guys always plan late and then get shut out.

Be careful out there and make sure you buy candy(the good stuff) for Halloween.  We will be here waiting when you are ready.

Posted on: October 10, 2017Lindo Barre

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