I cannot believe what happened in Las Vegas this week.  The last few weeks have not been good with hurricanes and earthquakes, but this was not at the hands of Mother nature.  Every day we find out a bit more, and most likely we will be learning for a few weeks.  I think things are crazy right now and cannot even make excuses for his behavior.  Seems like things were good for him by most of our standards.

I am interested in how he spent his final days and that may provide some clues as to what he was thinking.   They say he was a high roller in Vegas…just thinking out loud here…what if one of the folks he killed was a Black Jack dealer that he tipped big during the day, and then was his random victim at the concert.  I don’t even know if he played Black Jack.  Chances are some of those victims were folk he passed in his hotel for 3 days.

Now some of you don’t care and others have heard this before, but the name of our agency is Team Juanita.  We have been Team Juanita for more than 20 years now.  The name Mexico Lindo Bar was borrowed from an existing business in Tijuana with a license to work with sex workers. My lawyer struck a deal with them to use their name and their license.  Now the original business has been closed maybe 8 years now.  Anyway that is why I answer, “Thank You for calling Team Juanita” when you call.

I hope you have been paying attention to our site as there are many new chicas and I am awaiting pics of two chicas that interviewed.  Sometimes I get excited about a new chica and then she never gets pics taken, and that is just something that happens and I have to accept that.  However over the years we have become a more diverse and talented agency.   Michel is still her and doing well, but Nicole is getting more work than any of the others.  Divina has left and has left no indication she will be back, but we can always hope.  Marbella has been getting lots of attention.  Gisselle is getting more request than she can handle and now she is basically only available Thursday through Sundays.  Dulce and Silvia have been doing great, and then there is Valentina who has not got a chance yet.  Jade and Natalia are waiting patiently for clients.  Many have asked for Natalia but there always seems to be problems with the timing but hopefully she will have some dates this weekend.  Carolina and Nina are doing just fine.  Lea should be working soon.  She is recovering from having her wisdom teeth removed.

I am going to keep it short, but be careful out there.  When you are ready, we will be here.

Posted on: October 4, 2017Lindo Barre

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