Friday was a busy night.  I wanted to go to dinner tonight but I was with the little one and he fell asleep on me.  He is so much fun to have around and he is my best friend. At 5 years old he sees the good in everyone and everything and I find that kind of refreshing.  I however have seen enough of Mickey Mouse for one day.

Still getting nice comments on the food blog.  I hope you take a look at it here if you have not already.  My friend Sonero put some real time and effort into it and he is a guy that embraces Tijuana and walks everywhere.  I have ran into him a couple of times at Tony’s New York Pizza as I do there often with the lil guy and we were there today.

Thinking of putting in a few comments from The Erotic Review from some of the chicas reviews to give you a little more info when making your choices.  Some chicas that have been nearly forgotten have some great reviews like Luna.  I think it may spice up the site a little.

Getting ready for next Sunday’s Super Bowl Party at Muelle 7.  Should be a great time and it is open to the public if you decide to attend.  This is a party you want to be early for as to get a good seat and some good food as well.  It is $20 to enter and it is always a fun time.

Still more new chicas on their way.  Some quality chicas interviewed last week, but never went for their pics so they may not be serious about working. Sometimes I interview a chica and she ends up getting pics 4 weeks later.  Have another couple coming soon though.

Betting college basketball daily and it is not going well, but I always think it will turn around.  I am sure I will have 5 or 6 games bet tomorrow.  Gives me something to watch while waiting for the chicas and clients.  Soon I will have some ideas about sleeper teams to share with you.

Hope you come down soon, as we are waiting for you! Please be careful out there and don’t forget our March 11 fiesta.


Posted on: January 28, 2017Lindo Barre

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