Hope everyone is doing well out there. It has been a busy month for me and our business.

Believe it or not, my 8 year old and I took our tree down tonight. Now I do love Christmas but normally do not leave the tree up so long. My boy left for vacation to see his Grand Parents before Christmas and got back around the 9th I believe. So the tree stayed up waiting for him to come back and open his presents. He had a great Christmas as did his parents and Grand Parents. However he got ill before coming back and when he opened his presents he was coughing and just plain tired. So we did not take the tree down as he was beat. The next week he was sick again and well today he feels good so we took the tree down and put everything away.

You know as a youngster I can recall that some kids that had their birthdays close to Christmas were shorted a little as for sure a parent would prefer to have the birthday and Christmas maybe 6 months apart and ultimately the child would get more total presents for the two Holidays. So my boy has his birthday and Christmas 3 weeks apart and the only way I can see around shorting him is to start buying in August. For me I start buying for Halloween and Christmas and his birthday very early so it would be such a big expense all at once. I think I have it nailed now and hope I can continue to do so in the years to come.

We sat around and shared memories of past Christmas’. I hope he remembers me as Gringo Claus that likes to give children gifts and candies that they not get otherwise. I just love that part of Christmas and hope in time he does as well. We talked about our favorite Christmas tunes and at his young age he is very fond of “Frosty, the Snow Man”. Maybe I am getting sentimental with my years but am very concerned about the memories I leave for him Hopefully one day he will be a father and maybe some things he enjoyed with me, he will share with his children.

I had a little cough and sore throat earlier in the week but bought some over the counter meds at a pharmacy here that took care of my illness with the quickness. So things are back to normal around here.

As for work we are doing excellent. Some new ladies joined and are doing great. Next week Ana Lucia will be gone and I am not sure for how long but with her and Gisselle gone, it would appear we have a big gap to fill, but we actually have plenty of talent to step up and it did not hurt that Aaron showed up unexpectedly. Juliette, Leslie, and Alexis are doing great and Sofia has had a few opportunities that went well. Interviewed a couple of ladies today and we will see how those go.

I always hope to write more often, but I find myself challenged between Dr appointments and interviews and well as sports on TV this seems to get neglected. I will try to write so more leading up to the Super Bowl and maybe even share an opinion.

Hope you can come visit soon and in the mean time please be careful out there. I hope to be looking at fiesta dates soon. Be good and we are waiting for you!

Posted on: January 25, 2020Lindo Barre

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