Happy Birthday to Lyly.  She turns 33 today and although I don’t know her all that well, I am hoping she gets a few dates and sees what our business is all about.  I have a feeling she could be one that is retired after someone meets her.

Thinking about hiring my friend Alex to sing at our fiesta on March 11.  Looking to have another big crowd and I think out resident DJ Big Lou would appreciate the time off and to be on the floor with you all and the chicas.  Some chicas just have a hard time coming and that always disappoints me a ton.

Now that our number has grown to over 70 some of the chicas have kind of been lost in the shuffle.  Angeles and Luna are two that are not getting requested much. Kya soon will be working overnights again.  She too has been had a drop in activity but I attribute that her taking care of her Mom and not being available.  Her and Nina would two great finds when they came at the same time and now Sherry and Melissa seems to be as well.  With Osiris working all hours now it leaves our clients with many top chicas to choose from on any given day.

Well the Super Bowl participants have been decided, and hopefully will be a good game.  My friend Pepe is having his annual Super Bowl viewing party at his restaurant “Mulle 7 in Zona Rio.  Admission is $20 and you are all invited.


In addition to the good food and company, he sells squares at $5 a square and I would recommend getting there early if you want to buy a few.   We have had a good crowd the last couple of years and it is a good way to say good bye to NFL football for yet another year.

Hope the rain is behind us, as it has been a miserable few days here, but at least the business has been good. Many years ago we use to see construction guys on the rain days, but I guess there has been a slow down on construction and I suppose that has hurt us a bit.

Interviewing a couple of chicas tomorrow and still waiting on Airel to start.  Seems like everyone has a friend who wants to work.  Maybe we will have more than 40 at our next fiesta.

Hope to see you soon and be careful out there.

Posted on: January 24, 2017Lindo Barre

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