I probably will keep this short, but Happy New Year my friends.  I have been dodging curve balls and have found my time here is very limited the past few weeks. Hope that everything returns to normal with the quickness.

If you have not seen the restaurant guide/blog then you really need to check it out. You can find it under the “rates and info” category at the top of the page.  My friend Sonero took the time to write a comprehensive guide about different places around Tijuana to eat.  You all know how fond I am of eating but I personally am not a good critic as I love everything.

Along the same line you may have seen “Lady M’ posted in the chica section.  I am happy to have the first site offering a dominatrix.   You e-mails will be forwarded to her so that you can have direct contact with her with your and her privacy being a huge concern to both she and I.

I took a chica to get pics yesterday and she should show up this week on the site.  She is a knock out but won’t be available probably until Thursday  or Friday.  In addition Diana is back and it did not take long for the community to realize it.  In addition America should be back very soon as I have not had time to meet with her but hope to this week.  I am meeting someone later today and hope of course that it will be a new star.

I am sorry to say I missed the NCAA championship last night but hoping to catch a replay.  I love my football and sorry to see the season pass by.  College Basketball in another love for me, so you can bet I will have something to say about that soon.

Next party is March 11, and I will be posting about that soon.


Be careful out there and I should be back soon.

Posted on: January 10, 2017Lindo Barre

4 thoughts on “1-10-17

  1. I am disappointed the only mention Fonda Argentina got was in regards to its creamed spinach! hahaha the arrachera steak is amazing.

    1. Tom – I usually don’t recommend eating red meat in TJ , due to the fact that the seafood,chicken, and pork outshine it from my personal experiences. Although some people have commented on positive red meat encounters in TJ, I prefer to save it for stateside. Besides taste, I feel more comfortable with the sanitary conditions on the other side of the border.

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