Luna called and asked for consideration for employment. I invited her to our recent fund raiser where she made a big impression. Luna has worked as a waitress prior to coming to work with us. She is a shorty, close to 5 feet tall and 104lbs. She will work all hours and can work bi sexual dates as well. Our clients rave about her service and her pleasant personality. I am sorry to say we have not been able to catch her true beauty, but you will not be disappointed.

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  1. I had a date with Luna recently, and it was great! She is a beautiful young lady. She’s very petite, but she has a great little body.
    Luna is VERY passionate and she’s a great kisser. She was like a girlfriend that has not seen you in a very long time and is eager to make love and she just can’t get enough of you. She was just amazing.

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