Hotel Ticuan

The Hotel Ticuan is usually an egg or pancakes oriented affair ¬†for me. Being that the restaurant is open until 10:45pm I can have a late night breakfast if I crave a…Hmmm snack.

They also happen to have some of the tastiest re-fried beans in TJ.

The omelets and eggs though is where it’s at.

Eggs Benedict:






Papas Rancheras:






Omleta Mexicana:






I order my omelette “Sin Yema” which means without egg yolk.

The bacon is also good like in most restaurants in TJ (Ask for it crocante/crujiente = crispy/crunchy). The French Toast can be hit or miss depending on who applies the garnish. Sometimes I get powdered sugar and sometimes just regular brown table sugar on it. Both are served with maple syrup simply called ” Maple “.

The plain toast that goes with the breakfast items is DIVINE. They make a thick challah style grain bread and serve it with butter and jam. Served ALL DAY long. Just ask for it.