How are you?  Sorry I have been gone so long.  A lot is happening and I am staying busy though.  We just passed the 15th anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers.  I still remember many details of that day and I am sure you do as well.  Lots has happened in those 15 years and that tragedy has changed how many things work around the World.  I watched a few shows that were replayed on CSNBC from that day and it was quite captivating.  It was quite a shame what happened that day and how we look at things today.  At least for a short period of time, we were all Americans and not a bunch of different races with different religions.  I choose to remember that aspect.

If you are here Thursday, it is our “Grito” or the night when many Mexicans will drink like it is NYE, celebrating their freedom.  For me, it is a good night to stay in as we all know how people tend to behave when they are intoxicated. Although many of you may think Cinco de Mayo is the Mexican Independence Day, it is not.  The 16th of September is and the folks celebrate the night before same as New Years being a holiday and we celebrate the night before.   If you want to visit that night, I just recommend you stay with your chica indoors to avoid the drunks and things that can happen.

New chicas Nina and Kya are doing great.  We just hired Diana and she is a looker.  Carolina and Dayanne are back and there is a chica that should be on our page this week named Alex.  She is a tall chica, with some English skills that will provide Greek and bi-sexual dates.  Should make things interesting.  With our level of talent Michel is not scheduled every day like before, and there is no waiting list, but she would prefer to know a day in advance. Divina has picked up where she left off and says she will not be working that much longer.  She is our current most popular.   Sarahi and Kay are getting lots of attention and are two that should be on your must-do list.   Ashley has been seeing a few new guys and Jennifer is back looking better than ever.  Osiris is having another operation to by a bit more ass.  She is so fine she does not need to change anything.

I am watching Monday night football at the moment and I am so happy the season has started.  Both college and Pro football have my attention and that keeps me out of trouble.   I am keeping trying to schedule interviews around your dates and my football.  I sometimes may delay an interview but I am working.

Hope everyone is doing well and I will be back soon.  Stay safe.