It is actually before midnight and I dated this for tomorrow as it will be tomorrow when I finish this entry.  It will also be my 54th birthday.  I will be celebrating with a few of my friends this evening, but nothing to crazy.  I don’t think I will drink anything, but who knows?  Just found out our built in baby sitter will not be available so I will scramble for one tomorrow early.

Hope you notice we have a few additions to the team and I know the decisions get harder with every visit.  Valeria and Amy have been doing well and I have a real good feeling about Roxy.   I let her and her friend have the camera to take pics while I worked as the phone just kept ringing and I was running out of time.  You may have noticed that the bed has been moved so you don’t have to see where the little guy has torn up the wall so much.  I had not changed the layout of my bedroom since I moved into this apartment in October of 2008.

Football is coming up with the quickness and I am ready to go.   I have positioned my television where I can see it with no obstruction while at the computer and I have it on a table with wheels for when I am lazy and want to watch it from the bed.  Television placement is very important for me with the lifestyle I have chosen. 

In Little League baseball the Tijuana boys lost to Japan in a heartbreaking battle.  Tijuana still has a chance to win a game tomorrow and force a rematch.  Tomorrow’s game is at 1pm on ESPN for those that care to watch.  Friday will be an off day and Saturday and Sunday will be the final two days.  Chula Vista is in the driver’s seat in the US part of the draw and without much imagination we can watch Chula Vista and Tijuana play

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