It has been nearly impossible for me to sit down and write on of these blogs.  I’ve been playing a lot of blackjack in the evenings and I am exhausted when I get back home.  I’m writing on this Sunday morning, because the casinos here in Tijuana were quite busy last night, so I passed.

I’ve been working very hard to add to our team with very little success recently.  I have met 3 very petite and pretty ladies that have asked to work, and getting them to an interview has been some struggle.  One came to the interview and then changed the meeting for pictures 3 times on Friday and I finally was done with her.  She looked similar to Monique and spoke English as well.

I’ve been telling my Cindy story to all the new hires.  If you are not aware of that story, then here we go.  Cindy took pictures and was an great success.  Reports are flying in that she is a great kisser and excellent BBBJ skills.  So after about 10 dates on her next opportunity she decided she was going to give a CBJ and the client called her out.  She removed the condom and gave him a “pretty good bbbj” by his account.  When he reported it, she was done.  No one wanted to see her and the comments were all real negative. She did it to herself and can blame no one.

So here comes Ana.  I explain everything in great detail including how Cindy fucked up her business and Ana agreed to everything.  So on her first date the client was not specific but just said she was “excellent”.  Second date comes back with she was great but insisted on a “CBJ”.  I was so pissed off that I pulled her off the site within 5 minutes of reading that report. There was no misunderstand as she speaks English very well.

Our team is still strong with Megali winning lots of friends.  I thought she had a few reviews but realize now she does not.  Perla has widened the gap between first and the rest of the field and does not appear to be slowing down.   Michel will be back in August to make a run at number 1, but that will be difficult at best.  I have been visiting with Lucifer but I don’t see her coming back any time soon.  She has done a few dates in Mexico City and I am so happy to help her while she is there.

I know that many don’t understand this, but it is much harder to find a good trustworthy taxi driver than a good chica in Tijuana.  Leo has left and at least he did not steal from me or our clients.  Pancho is still aces, but he needs help. I have a few candidates but am worrying about loose lips and am proceeding very carefully.  Fermin still drives a little but no longer in the night.

It is sad to see the splitting of our Country over this Martin/Zimmerman case.  I think most can agree that it was a tragic story with a very sad ending.  I think that both sides reacted wrong and of course if Zimmerman did not follow him, then this would not have happened.  I believe the jury made the right decision based on the evidence, but Zimmerman is not free of blame…just of violating any laws.  I don’t know how he assimilates back into society as he very well may be the victim of a crime soon.    I wish both families well and hope this story is over.

Hope to be back soon and I trust you all had a safe weekend.  I just paid two more years for hosting our website and domain name, blog entries and so on so we should not just disappear anytime soon. Have fun and be safe and be good to one another.

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