What is going on in our Country?  Hard to believe that during peaceful protest some folks have used our Police officer as target practice.  The world is changing and we hear about terrorist attacks all over the Globe, with no end in sight. I would say that the answers start at home, as who knows who to look at or who is going to be the newest misguided person to snap.  I have to admit that I have no answers.  I just think we can do the best to police our neighborhoods and be vigilant.  Don’t forget the power of prayer as that is most likely our best chance to make a difference.  My heart goes out to the families of the police officers that have suffered loss because of recent events.  I think there is a fine line between being vigilant and pointing fingers because people may be of different views than our  own.  Our County is GREAT and one of the things that makes us great is our diversity.

I am waiting for new chicas and having problems scheduling interviews as we are so busy right now.  I was analyzing our team and the level of activity and came to realize that we are not the site of MILF’s that some folks continually tell others. Our number one chica, Divina is 18 and she has left on vacation.  Osiris has moved up currently to the #2 slot and may be the best looking provider in Tijuana, and Chanel is not far behind.  Grecia is an absolute beauty and Ellie May is tearing it up even though she is compromised by her hours of availability.  Megan, who is constantly sending new pics for me to send to clients is doing great, and Ana Lucia since she came back has been moving up in the ranks and is holding down the #7 spot on our team.  She is a real looker and lets me send her pics out to everyone.

Charley has an English speaking friend that hopefully will be starting soon and a couple other chicas have been trying to schedule appointments.  Rose has an 18 year old friend that should be starting soon, so we should have some new faces soon.  I knew that Osiris shared my birthday but found out Isabella does as well.  She is gone for vacation for about two weeks and she is a real sweetheart for those that have not had the pleasure.   Just a reminder Angel is still around and happy to provide the same service you have learned to love.  Sarahi and Kenia are doing great and I feel so happy to have them as integral parts of our team.

I get so many e-mails about parties, but there is nothing scheduled as of yet.  It never happens but I wish we could get all of our best chicas together in a party, but schedules and availability make it close to impossible.

Football is just around the corner.  Be safe out there and I will be back soon.