A lot is happening and I have been wanting to write for a bit. With any luck at all my son will be here to visit the 4th of July weekend. It will be business as usual however.

People are writing and asking to be put on our mailing list. Now I have not sent a group e-mail out in years but I am actually thinking it could be helpful for when we have parties. My condition would be that it would be sent to guys that have used our service. I have cut the parties down to 3 a year, so there would not be many sent out.

We have added some new chicas but seems like guys want to schedule Alexa but always when she cannot work, or guys schedule and cancel her. She is without a doubt a very attractive spinner. Samara was recently added and there seems to be interest there as well. Right now I have no idea who is the star in any given week, as the chicas seem to be taking turn. Angel, Chantel, Sarahi, and Naomy 2 are getting lots of attention. Carolina and Kenia are doing well and it is great to know that we have so many chicas to choose from. We are approaching our 1,000 TER review.

Sandra is now doing overnights again, and she is someone the clients love with excellent kissing skills. Karla and Luna are two beautiful chicas that do well, but I am working on getting better pics as they are both great. Mariela is leaving for vacation near the end of the month and may not be back until August. She is saving for her vacation and has her tickets but a couple more overnight dates would really help her while gone.

Linda TJ again is being exclusinve with a client. This happened before with a guy for 4 years. Have no idea if this well last that long, but she is welcomed back any time.


Got lucky in the horse racing. Made money all 3 Triple Crown weekends. That does not happen often. I am not good, but lucky. 🙂

Well come see us, we are waiting for you. Remember to be safe out there.

One thought on “6-10-15

  1. This is totally unrelated to anything just find myself with too much time on my hands but I appreciate that you let us comment and being a few days removed from the NBA draft I just wanted to say that I love the #2 pick the Lakers made with their pick. As s diehard Laker fan we have not had many things to look forward too and it’s hard to accept how bad we have looked for the past 2 years. But now that we get closer to what may be the last year of Kobe Bryant last year I hope to make it to see him a couple of times as to give him a wonderful send off. With the 2nd pick of Russell the young guard out of Ohio state and with the return of last years first round pick Randle coming back from his injury along with Clarkson and the return of Kobe and still the possibility of s good free agent being signed it no longer feels like a bad year to send Kobe off to retirement.i am not saying we have a chance at a championship but I am sure hoping with luck on the injuries and some commitment from a young team to getting better the playoffs would not seem so far fetched. If we can accomplish making the playoffs then Kobe had a good send off. I for one thinks he gets a bad rap in the nba and the rep he has been given but having seen him play through out his career what a blessing that was to see the man come in as a kid and mature through all his ups and downs and if you love basketball and you appreciate the drive and the hardworking person he has shown to be I hope he has a great year and if you have never seen him play well the you are not a sports fan. You don’t have to like him but he will go down as one of the very best to have played the game and I have always been a big fan of his that I would argue any point with those who didn’t like him. He is that good and still even though his injuries have kept him grounded s bit these last few years. I really wish my Lakers are headed on the right direction and can give Kobe and the organization some much needed good luck to bring back the purple and gold to where the Warriors find themselves now. On top of basketball heaven. Congrats to the Warriors they look to have something very special out there keep your eyes on that team they might be able to pull off a few championships they are young and that maybe the future of the nba. I miss basketball when it’s gone that’s all. Thanks for letting me vent.

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