A lot is going on. We did lose on blog post when the site was hacked and down for nearly 12 hours, but quick action from FotoFreak did bring us back with very little down time. Thanks to her for her efforts.

The lost blog mainly dealt with memories about my Mother who passed in 2004. Maybe I will rewrite that one next year. Another them was that I may bring up some repeat posts from the past but for the most part because of a changing audience.

I am gearing up for fiesta weekend which is about 2 weeks away now. Going to work with Jesus to reach a few of those ladies that seem to never come. Jesus returned from vacation today so some of you may see him tonight.

I often think about recognizing former stars in some time of Team Juanita hall of fame. We have had three chicas pass away that I am aware of. I would love to memorialize them with pictures posted in El Torito, but I see some huge downside to that. For example Marta has a couple of teen age children and it would be terrible if they saw a picture of their Mother posted and wonder why or even worse if they knew why. Brenda was someone I have very fond memories of and was always my friend. Lluvia passed away at a very young age of cervical cancer and at one point she has appeared to have beaten it. I think there is a great chance that others have passed, but they are the only ones

I often think about a hall of fame as well as we have so much rich history. Many of these ladies have an entirely different life now and I don’t dare post pictures. If we just included former #1 rated chicas we would have several members as Kamala, Dulce, Nahomy, Monique, Jocelyn, Michel, Perla, Luz and now Carolina have all held that spot. The famous one (Tania) would have been number 1 if they had rating around the year 2000. Current team members Gisselle and Leah would need to be included along with Angelica, Sarahi, Jessica and Jennifer as they are/were always staples on our site. If TER had not blocked access in the US then maybe Divina and Ana Lucia would make that list and hopefully they will work a few more years as they are both young and could have many good years ahead of them.

I must go now, but be careful out there and I will see you at the fiesta.