More interviews coming up in the next couple of days.  Should have pics of America tonight.  These chicas are keeping me busy. Penelope and Roxana are getting new pics tomorrow I believe. Angeles has caught on fire and is getting great reviews.  Vanessa is doing well also but keeps taking off for a week at a time.  Divina is so sweet and everyone seems to love her.   Some chicas have damn near been forgotten like Rose, Sarahi, Kendra and Angel.  Angel has a problem with her pics being exposed to family so she is off the site right now.  Grecia is also getting rave reviews.

The Preakness runs Friday and Saturday, and hope I do better than last week at Churchill Downs.  I am not a big horse better but like to throw a few dollars for the Triple Crown races and the Breeder’s Cup.  Always a fun time when you have quality horse racing all day long.

Lots of talk about the Presidential election.  Always fun to see what folks have to say and I get a laugh out of the political forums.   People sure are passionate about their views.   Should be interesting to see how it shakes out.  I am hoping for Leyzaola with the mayor (President) of Tijuana.  I have not heard or seen of any polls but am hopeful.


Gotta keep it short today.  Be careful out there.




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