Well it has been awhile, and I want you to know I have not forgot about you, but as usual, I think of great topics when I am out, and then draw blanks when I am at the computer.  Hope you are enjoying the NCAA basketball tournament and I know I am.

When I was born my folks were mid-30’s and my Grandparents on both sides had already past.  I don’t even have stories that were passed down, but I do have this story to pass on.  My Father was a pharmacist in Indianapolis and he owned a small drug store when I was born.  One of his cahiers was named Rhea and when she found out I had no living grandparents she volunteered to adopt me and later my sister as well.  Grandma Rhea was married to Elbert and he just seemed like he was along for the ride.  She loved us and never missed a birthday, Xmas or anything in my life.  Like a dumb ass I did not really appreciate her,  but of course I was always pleasant with her.  One thing about Grandma Rhea is that on my birthday every year I would get a card with a one dollar bill in it.  It was not until she apologized one day for not having a “new crispy one” that I realized every year I got a brand new one.  I just did not appreciate her attention to me and of course now I know just what a special person she was and how she took time out of her routine to visit me on all those Holiday.  After a few years we moved about 30 minutes from Indianapolis, but Grandma Rhea and Albert would make the drive to see me on many Holidays.  I believe they game me a spirograph like 3 years in a row for Xmas, and at least I had enough sense not to mention that they repeated that gift. 

Later after I moved to Scottsdale Arizona, I had to go back to see my sis get married.  I must have been 30 years old and had not seen Grandma Rhea is some 12 years or so.  On that Friday night before the wedding we were going through a rehearsal at some remote location on the outskirts of Indianapolis, when Grandma Rhea and Elbert walked in.  Sis had not invited them, but of course we were super happy and surprised to see them.  She made room for them at the wedding the next day, and their presence brought tears to my eyes.  To think someone in their 70’s thought so much of us to be there after 10 years on no contact is truly unbelievable.  I am embarrassed to  say I don’t know if or when they passed, but they must have and shame on me for not being more appreciative of what they did for us.  This World is not a bad place, but it would be a much better place with more Grandma Rhea’s.  One memory I will keep forever is all the pictures on the wall in her living room of her Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren.  My sister and I were always up there.  She was a saint for sure, and Grandma Rhea you will never be forgotten.

Well I have a new love interest and we have been going out for about 6 weeks.   For the first time in some 12 years my girlfriend is not a prostitute and bless her heart for understanding and accepting my line of work.  She left today for vacation of about 3 weeks.  Plans are that she will live with me upon her return.  I am holding my breath as we all understand Murphy’s law, and I really don’t want to fall victim to that.   She has some reservation that I will try to put her up for rent, but I have told her that I don’t need her to do that.  I have always let my chicas work in this business while living with me, but they have already had some work experience except one.  I actually had one chica come to Tijuana to be a prostitute and she moved in with me before she ever worked.  Here Mom worked in this business before and had told her daughter about Tijuana and Tijuana has been quite good to her.  Anyway I am excited about this opportunity with a new chica that does not work in this business.

Little Rosa is getting some attention.  She is not available on weekdays, but she is often requested.  She has only been out once a week for the last 3 weeks, but everyone has loved her and I find myself attracted to her as well.  Michel and Perla are battling for the top spot in Tijuana and that is no secret.  Brisa2 is just getting a little work and her hours of availability is somewhat compromised.  Lexy and America have been the victims of many cancellations.   I hope to see them take off and do great things in the next few weeks.  A fun chica that is getting attention is Megali, and I must admit when she calls me I get horny just seeing her name on my phone.  She is quite sexy and just fun to be around.

My neighbor is in the hospital and I am afraid his days are limited.  He is a young guy around late 30’s I would say and he had a heart transplant maybe a year and a half ago.  If you are a praying person, you may want to say a few words for Julio and his family.  No it is not the ex taxi driver, but for some reason the last 2 guys that lived there were named Julio.  He has family that are acting like sharks smelling the blood.  They are already trying to divide up his belongings, and I bet we are talking about less than $1,000 worth of stuff.  It just sickens me to see people act like that. 

I’m going to bet back to watching the games.  You all be careful and I will see you soon. 

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