Well many thanks to those that made the party.  I hope you had as much fun as I did.  Was really disappointed that Rose, Penelope, Chiquita, and Kendra did not make it.  Was nice to see new chica Lupita in attendance. Naomy won the $200 raffle prize for the early arrivals which was a group of 12.  I think I will have to include that raffle in future parties so that we can get a nice group of chicas that are there early.

Well March madness is down to 16 now which is bitter sweet because that means only 15 more games which will come to a conclusion with the quickness.   I guess that means baseball is around the corner.   San Diego State is in the final 4 of the NIT, which means they finally started playing well.



Thought I would throw you a bone with a nice picture of Kendra.  She probably has been getting a little less work than she deserves, but with so much talent she has been forgotten a bit. Pretty sure people will be seeing her again soon.   I will tell you one thing, if I did not have a wife I would be giving her a lot of attention.    I would not have any problem loving her. 🙂

Kenia, has been the victim of bad timing.  As soon as her “days” started guys started asking for her.  She should be ready Saturday and she is quite talented and should have new pics soon.  My friend “Foto Freak” took some pics at the party so soon many chicas will have new pics.

I am going to try and schedule another party in August.   By then we should have another 10 new chicas. I am getting a lot of calls so you should see some new talent real soon.

I will make this short, but will try to be back soon.  You guys be safe and enjoy your Easter Holiday.



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