Hello everyone.  Hope all is well in your world.  I have had a couple of setbacks, but I am going to be ok.  In some freak accident I wrenched my back a few days ago and could hardly walk, sleep or bathe.  The pain can be unbearable but of course I did not go to the doctor.  I was going to go, but being the guy I am I sent the taxi for some Icy-Hot.  I have gotten reasonable results from having the wife administer a little.  Still not walking right, but I think I am on my way.   Let’s be honest here, this probably would not have happened if I was not so fat.

I had two chicas waiting for interviews and I kept putting them off, but thought today would be the day.  I did see one chica today and she may be the prettiest on the site when I finally get the pics.  I believe the photographer took them at 5 or 6pm and will send them in the morning.  There is always a chance she missed her appointment but after I interviewed her she was on her way.  18 years old with a beautiful smile and a great body.  She has a nice personality as well.   Yeah I know what you are thinking when I say nice personality but she has it all….believe me.

I have been watching college baskets a bit.  I saw Xavier the other day and they are real good and having a good year as well.  Trying to see if there is room for both St Mary’s and Gonzaga in the field and I think there could be.  I would think if they both run the table and meet in the conference Championship then it could happen.  The experts don’t seem to agree but honestly I am not so sure.   We have nearly 3 weeks to let it all play out.

Hoping to have an event the 19th.   If you are my client and want more info, I hope you write for info.  Please understand if I don’t know who you are I will not be sending you info.  I am hoping for lots of chicas to attend and going to add some incentives to not only attend but to attend early.  If you get the see Rose, Penelope, Ana Lucia, Mary, Osiris, Kendra, Arlet, Nicole Michel,  Heidi, Angel, Kimberly and Vanessa under one room it should be quite a spectacle.   If you are our client this is something you will not want to miss.

Have a great and very safe weekend.  I will be back soon.

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