Well the weekend was huge.  Hotels were booked to capacity and folks were waiting for room at La Mansion.  Somehow every one managed and we made a few new friends as well.  New pics of Angeles seem to have helped as her activity has increased.  The weekend allowed Alejandra to work and we are just waiting for pics and with her you never know.

As you may have guessed Penelope was a busy young lady and I was quite happy to send her.  Rose is doing well, but cannot seem to get her to the studio.  Charlie and Angel hooked up on a threesome and Angel said Charley tasted sweet. 🙂  Samara got a couple of dates with couples and she seems to be doing well on those dates.

I guess now that the Super Bowl is over we just have a month to wait for Mach Madness.  Will be trying to figure out what small school teams can make their mark on the field.  For sure there does not seem to be a clear favorite so someone is going to get hot in a few weeks and all we have to do is figure that out.

My friend is making great progress on our new site and it should be up and running by March 1.  I like the design and look forward to everyone seeing it.  A few young ladies have expressed an interest in working but don’t seem to be so excited about interviewing so not sure if that will pan out.

I have heard Jocelyn is asking about coming back.  I am sure many would like to see her, but waiting for her to call.  Everyone is always asking about Perla but have heard nothing and of course wish her well wherever she is or whatever she is doing.  Michel left this morning but promises to be back soon.  I miss her already.

Will be back soon.  Be careful and don’t forget to come visit.



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