Well it is the first of February, and as always time flies by.  I know that many of you have really enjoyed our fiestas and in particular the fund raisers for the orphanage.  Although we should have some parties this year, it appears that our association with the orphanage will come to an end.  The orphanage is down to 3 or 4 kids now and looks as if they will not be getting any more. Some of the issues are political and it hurts be to say, that “it is for the kids” seems to be missed on many of those in positions of authority. A huge thanks you goes to my friend Scott, who has embraced this cause for some 15 or so years, and of course to all of you that did help make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate kids.

With that being said, I am going to direct my energy to our “Amigos de Santa” project and get on that as early as this moth.  I don’t think any fund raising parties will be necessary although I am sure many of you are glad to donate.  With the help of my friend “FotoFreak” we are working towards a website to be up in the next couple of months and the project will be funded mostly from local business and we have a goal of reaching 250 kids this year.  I think that our goal will be surpassed but it is always better to do better than planned and I think we will get there.  If you are interested in donating just send me an e-mail and ask about the Friends of Santa project and I will put your address in a folder for when the time comes.

Well the Super Bowl week has finally got here and everywhere you go, you will find an opinion.  I know I am going to have fun and spend the day with friends.  I can assure you that I won’t be joining Gambler’s Anonymous after the game as do so many folks do.   Hope you all enjoy the game and time with your friends.

Met a nice young lady on Saturday, that is suppose to have pics soon.  I think she will be very popular and can just hope she follows through with pics.  She is going to be called “Rose” and although promises nothing more than GFE she is bi-sexual as well.  I am sure you will like her.

I have no date in mind for a party as I want to plan my vacation first.  My thought is to offer prizes to the chicas in hopes of getting a good turn-out as I would like more than the 25 that came to our Xmas fiesta.  I always enjoy the parties and leave exhausted. In all likelihood we would raffle off 3 dates instead of 2 and the money made in the raffle would not only help with the beer and soda, but help towards cash prizes for the chicas.

I see we already have a busy week ahead, but their is always room for more.  Please plan on a visit soon and we will be waiting for you.   Be careful out there and I will see you all soon.

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