As I was writing my blog yesterday I was watching the news about the shootings at San Bernardino.  One thing we should learn is not be so quick to judge.  Our authorities do a good job on their investigations but that takes time and even more time before we the common folk get that information.

Today it looks like it may be terrorism.  I just cannot understand why that place?  Could not they choose a million other locations that would have a greater impact on our lives. No disrespect to the good people that were victimized or had friends or families that were affected by this action.   I just don’t see the Inland Regional Center as a “hot spot”.  This crime will not cripple traffic or shut down airports.

My fear that this may be the start of a spree of similar shootings or terrorist attacks.  I hate to speculate but I think it is only natural for us to wonder.  I would think that if we can learn the motive then we can understand what may be next.  I guess we can say that what we may have learned is that nothing is off limits.  That alone can be scary at best.

Best we can do now is keep our eyes and ears open.  We are taught to be tolerant, and I will not suggest we should blame all the people of a certain region.  Every County, every race has an abundance of idiots and assholes.  Most us can find many in our own neighborhoods.

What scares me is that this couple had assimilated into our society very well and at least the co-workers said he was a nice regular guy.   I am sure more information will be available soon.

I hope you can all go about your daily lives without much compromise.  I suggest we be patient before drawing conclusions.


Take Care, and be careful out there.

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