Spent the morning watching football with my good friend Lou at a Caliente on 8th and Revolucion.  We have found it to be nice with a good breakfast menu.  We have probably spent 6 or 7 Sunday mornings there.  I had no particular interest in any of the games, but it is nice to watch a little and get out of the house.   Wife is out Christmas shopping as best I know.  I have the Chargers on, the volume off and listening to 96.5  FM to their Christmas music.  This is the way it should be…relaxed and primed for the Holiday.

There will be Bowl games all week with the first one tomorrow morning.  No college football on Christmas, but we can find something else to do.  I will most likely make a few wagers.  I just love college football as well as college basketball.   It sure is a lot more fun that traffic. 🙂

Sometimes we can easily take granted to what these girls do over the course of a work week or a month or so.  It cannot be easy and we should take a moment to thank those that do provide.   When chicas apply they have one idea, and then after the interview they have another idea.  Let’s just say we lose a few in the interview process and it is meant to be that way.  When I explain what GFE is  the body language of some tell me they cannot do it, and save all of us some time and money.  When a chica is thinking of becoming a prostitute her initial thought is she is going to spread her legs, and hope it gets over soon.  Just think about riding in the taxi with no knowledge of who will be her client today and yet she is expected to be happy and have a bubbly personality and then give it up like a tramp and enjoy it.  Sometimes we lose sight of what these young ladies have to go through.  At the same time most everyone is nice and treats the chicas with respect, and for that I am thankful.  So my hat is off to these young ladies that provide a much needed service.

So I know that many of you still have shopping to do.  I probably will do some shopping myself, but I am ready today.  I know some of you will get a laugh out of this, but while at Costco the other day I saw a toaster my wife could use. Our toaster currently does not work quite right and she uses paper on the part you pull down to set the toaster and then checks a bit later to see if it is ready to manually pop the toast up.  So I bought a toaster and had it wrapped as a Christmas present. I cannot even begin to tell you how many people have called me an asshole for that move, but believe me my wife is going to make out this year….and she will get a toaster as well. 🙂  Junior is 4 now and he is getting his first bike.  I have already filled his stocking and he has not even noticed.  He has however noticed a few presents under the tree and has a lot of questions.

I hope to be back before the Holidays.  Business has been brisk, but not much is scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week, so if you have time come visit and help make some chica’s Christmas a little bit better.  Please remember to be safe and have patience for those that let the tension get to them.  Either way I will be back soon.


Happy Holidays



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  1. I have said the same thing before about the girls and how difficult it has to be able to do what they do and look good for the client. They can’t have a bad day or else they may receive a bad review. I for one appreciate the dates that go well and for the most part have had many very good dates with several of your girls and I do want to take the time to say thank you to the girls I have met and have had the pleasure of having spent time with. Always a pleasure dealing with Dennis and his stable of good looking women hope to meet a few more in 2016. Many thanks.

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