Hello everyone.  Listening to Xmas music courtesy of 96.5 FM San Diego.  All Christmas music all day and that is just fine for me.  Hope you are all gearing up for a fun weekend and of course your shopping. It is cold enough for Christmas, but I could celebrate you fine in warmer weather.   Junior saw Santa on Monday and for the first time he did not cry.  He is set to turn 4 on Monday and for him a Mickey Mouse cake is all that is necessary.  We are having a small party for him on Friday.

I hear the new chica just got pics, so they should be arriving soon.  Looking forward to having her on the team  She is friends with Mary and Penelope, so I hope she is just as good.  Honey is getting lots of attention so I have not heard much about her.  One guy says her breasts are smaller than advertised and another says they are huge.  I would be happy to change those 36C’s to B’s but I have no clue.

Pancho will be leaving Tuesday so don’t forget to wish him a Merry Xmas and you may not see him to February or March.  I am glad he can earn enough for long vacations, but of course miss him.   Seems just seem to run smoother with him here.  His vacation does allow me to work with others and have them ready for that day when he leaves for good.   He is a young guy so just maybe I will expire while he is still working.

Soon will be the bowl games for college football.  Looking forward to the match ups and of course the actual games  Kind of curios what will happen with Notre Dame and Western Kentucky.  Hope Western Kentucky gets to play a big school like a team from the SEC or Pac Ten.   I just hope Notre Dame plays well as obviously they will be the favorite in their game, unless somehow they get in the final four.

Hope you can come visit and if not enjoy your Holidays.  I will be back soon.

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