Just one more week.  I am pretty close to ready, but there will always be something I forgot or something I get at the last minute.   A space heater would be useful about now.  Man has it been cold in the evenings.

Big news:  Safiro will be working later and doing overnights for the next month.  Dulce C may be able to sneak in a few overnights on the weekends.  Malia is back but other than Tuesdays, she is available 10pm or later.  Mary and Penelope will be leaving the 22nd or 23rd but should be back around New Years.

I understand Karla will be off the site on Monday, but still can work “under the radar” after she is removed.  She is one of the hottest and the best in Tijuana but she somehow flies under the radar when she is on the site.  I was suppose to interview some new chicas but that did not happen, but will soon.

The Bowl season starts tomorrow and I believe there are day games  all week starting Monday.  I know I figure to see a lot of games.  Sprinkle in some NFL and college basketball and Christmas will be here in a flash.

Pancho is gone for awhile,  Chino just got a new taxi and already have had to call on Fermin, Edgar, and Sergio to help.  Looks like Edgar will get his Residence Card, and be living in the US in a few weeks.  He has been a big help these last 3 years, and he will be missed for sure.

This afternoon I am going with my friend Scott to visit the orphanage.  Should be there around 4pm.  Seems like the orphanage is getting smaller and smaller every year.  It is nice to see some move on and do something productive, but at the same time they are missed as well.

Should be back soon.  In the mean time, be safe out there.

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