Marlene called yesterday and wants to come back.  She is probably 20 by now, but was quite popular and I am sure will be.  I have plans to see her Monday.   She is a very tall young lady so if you like them tall she may be for you.

Malia is back.  I should have pics real soon.  Guys seem to love her or hate her and I cannot really tell you why.  Seems like she won’t DFK with some, but others says she is excellent in that regard.  As an agency owner I am going to work to get that more consistent.  She is always fun to hang out with.

Naomy says she has three 18 and 19 year old friends that want to work.  I hope to meet them on Monday and see what they are all about.  I always enjoy adding new chicas.

Angeles is not getting as much work as I would think for a chica with her beauty and skills.  She may be a chica that needs a few TER reviews and then takes off.  Luz and Angel seem to be hot right now, as they are requested more this month than any other team.

Luz is back to #1 in Tijuana and Carolina is #2.  I would hope that Sarahi would get more reviews so she could move up there.  She right now is our most popular in the last month, but has no reviews to show for it.  Kenia is outstanding as well but only a few reviews.

I am ready for the 24th to go out in the streets and give small gift bags to the kids.  I am hoping that next year it will be a bigger project and maybe it can be an annual event.   I am also hoping to get pics and maybe video of the event so others will want to participate in years to come.   Hopefully we can find a catchy name to give it.

Plan to be back a few times before Christmas but you all be good.  Santa is watching!  If you can’t be good please be safe.

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