Man it is nearly here,  Don’t tell me they are playing Christmas music too early in the stores or decorating too early as they can never start early enough as far as I am concerned.  I love Christmas and wish I could bottle that Christmas feeling I get inside.  Maybe more than the Holiday itself I enjoy the first Saturday in December as than is our annual Christmas/end of the year party and it is going to be the best one yet.  I have a few surprises in store for you, and there will be plenty of chica participation and with any luck I believe we will have 40+chicas in attendance.

Just got off the phone with the “Secret Weapon” and she assures me she will be there and bring a friend.  Many chicas are bringing friends and I believe that the number of guys will be much greater as well.  The two day total of dates is at 30 right now and I am working on confirming more today.


http://amigosdesanta.com/ is moving right along with new sponsors getting on board every day.  I hope to have our local soccer team on board by the end of the day and will soon be talking with the baseball and basketball team.  I believe local newspapers are going to run a story on our event so that the site will get a bit of attention and maybe some businesses will contact us to help out with this great event.   Our party will help to raise money for the cause as well and I would not be surprised if we have $3000 or more dollars to spend for the Holidays.  Of course my friend FotoFreak will be taking pics and documenting how it goes and will most likely have the site updated by New Years with pics of this years event.

As for the party itself, I am amazed at Michel has not been scheduled as on previous visits we would keep a waiting list for her as normally 2 or 3 guys would request her every night for overnight. Megan also has both nights open and I am guessing you noticed she updated her pics again.  Fernanda has new pics you can request but does not want to be on site now as she had a problem before stemming from her pics being on our site.  Wednesday is Sandra’s birthday and she would love a date anytime between now and Sunday to celebrate it.

Big Lou will once again be in the DJ booth and hopefully Chino, Jesus,and Pancho will all be in attendance as well.  Pancho leaves on Monday night for vacation and he swears he will be back in two months, however the past 8 years have been more like 3 months.

I am a very happy guy as a general rule, but some times I get miffed and I am asking for your help.  Irlanda is a very pretty chica and she has Friday, Saturday and Sunday filled but she requested that her pics be taken down as she says they are “ugly”.  Please convince her to put her pics back up.  She is a very likable chica, but I don’t want to battle with her over this.

Back to the charity if you want to make a donation you can use the contact form for a paypal address.  FotoFreak is handling all of those requests made through the contact form on  http://amigosdesanta.com/

Hope you can feel my excitement.  Please be safe out there and we will have fun this weekend.

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