The Holiday time is upon us.  One week to Thanksgiving and not sure what I will do.  Not that many folks celebrate it here, but my family will eat Turkey for sure.  It is a good day of football as well.  The streets here in TJ will just be a normal Thursday as it is only really celebrated here as many folk have friends and families just north of the border.

By the way I just picked up a stereo at a swap meet yesterday and it has a FM antenna so I can tune in 96.5 to listen to Christmas music all day long.   The one tradition I miss her, is piling the family in the car late on Xmas eve and buying some eggnog, listening to Xmas music and driving slowly through those neighborhoods that are decorated for the holidays.  I have yet to find anything even remotely close in Tijuana.

I have already started planning for a project to replace it on the 24th.  A few friends and my family are putting together small brown paper sacks, with some Xmas stickers and Candy Canes and other assorted goodies including a pack of hot chocolate.  We did this last year as well and it is quite rewarding to see the kids faces light up as we give these small gifts to random children in the city.   The Xmas music from 96.5 will be part of the plan as well. Even the bug hits the bah humbug folks on the night of the 24th.  It is so much easier to be nice and have good thoughts  as opposed to finding fault with everything and having hate in your heart.   The Holiday is for sure about giving and that is where the true joy comes in.  I just hope that Junior can adopt the same attitude when he becomes an adult.

Pancho is leaving on the 8th and as you probably know he probably won’t be back until late February or early March, even though he always says 2 to 3 weeks.  Alfredo will benefit the most with an increase in the work load.  Edgar is getting a Visa and will most likely not be working with us after January.  Fermin is having some health issues but he has good days along with the bad, and will be driving probably more of the morning dates.  The Holidays are certainly a fun time and this will be the 8th straight year Pancho leaves to spend the Holidays with his Mom.  I am glad that his job with us allows him to take and extended vacation with money earned those other 10 months.   In a lot of respects he is like a son to me and a best friend as well.

Mary tells me she is out of town for 2 weeks.  I wish she would have told me ahead of time as a client was her last night and she tells me she will be back in 15 days.  Yadira has a family problem and went back home but should be back shortly. Just interviewed a very pretty 22 year old yesterday.  Am working on getting pics, but she works a regular job, so we are trying to find time.  I don’t have a name for her.  Maybe some of you can e-mail me with potential names that you like.  I sometimes get the names write as I named Dulce (the original) and Perla and both still use those names even though it is not their real names.

Well be safe folks and I should be back soon.

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