Where are they today?

Alejandra Ruiz is selling clothes in Guadalajara and I have not heard from her in a few years.  Many may remember her as the first Team Juanita chica in 1997.  I find myself wondering about her and if she was not as good, how would that impact my life and my business.  Anyway I wish her the best life has to answer.

Kamala pops us every now and then, but I am not sure where she is today.  She got us on the map in the craigs list days.  I know that she gave birth to a daughter a few years ago and that is about it.  I do remember that she could really sing and her Mom taught school in the US.  Kamala was/is an American citizen.

Nahomy is working as a bilingual office manager at a dentist office.  She remains fit and trim and has made her life with a friend of mine.  I see her a couple times a year and can only say that she has done well for herself and it a success story that can inspire other Team Juanita chicas do something positive with their life.

Dulce is living somewhere is Southern California and I do hear from her ever now and then.  I remember how beautiful she was in 2004 when she came aboard and how many people thought I was using pictures of a model and she did not exist.  She took the escorting world by storm and broke a lot of hearts along the way.  She picked up English along the way and has good command of the language now.

Leah is still in Mexicali and finishing up college studying to be a dentist.   She is really bright and is more beautiful today than before.  She sends me a text message every now and then and always thanks me for helping her earn when she had very little.  She embraced the job and it served her well and she has moved on.  She is an outstanding young lady and she got out of the business as a young lady.

Monique is one I lost track of.  She was the #1 chica for maybe 6 months and actually lived in my spare room when she was at the top of her game.  She had came here from Idaho and she may have returned now for all I know.   There was a day when I would see her around Tijuana often, but it has to be more than a year since I last saw her.  She did have a child about 4 years ago I believe.

Twins Marlene and Vanessa are still in Tijuana.  I see them from time to time in the downtown area and they are quick to give me a hug and kiss.  I have met their Mom and they have a tight family where Mom knows exactly what her daughters did to earn money.  Both have guys in their lives and a bunch of children.  I really liked them and am always happy to see them.

Jocelyn shows up from time to time and I believe she is down South somewhere.  People still call about her from time to time and you never know she may be back on her site some day.  She was always a sweet chica that was fun to be around.

Mia I believe got married, but I lost touch with her.  She was/is a very educated lady that worked in public relations for a real estate agency.  She was a real sexy chica that could break your heart.  I would get horny when I would read her TER reviews. She loved her clothes and often would go straight from a date to a mall on the US side to buy new clothes.   I hope to see her again some day soon.

Perla is still requested often.  I have not seen her recently, but was always dear to my heart.  She was so beautiful and her service was as good as it gets.  She would drive the taxis crazy by being late getting with them, but she made her dates on time. She was a chica that I would take with me to places around town to party and have fun, but she was never a sex partner of mine. Hopefully I will run into her soon.

Most recently many chicas just seemed to disappear and they are welcome back, as they all left on good terms like, Layla, Linda (the model), Jazmin, Linda (the former Miss Tijuana), Monica, and Foxy Roxy.  Over the years we have had some great chicas and I just hope that all is well with their lives away from this business.


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