I wanted to take a few moments to comment about reviews.  Some guys use the erotic review to gain free access and just make up their reviews.  Often they write great reviews, but sometimes they write terrible ones.  Chantel recently got a bad review and that was a client being truthful about his experience.  YMMV is something I wish we could avoid as she has many satisfied clients that have seen her on many occasions.   In my struggle to provide a great experience every time, I know that we do not always meet our goal.   In this case I believe the problem is Chantel works too much and she becomes irritable after working all day and then trying to provide an overnight date.  Things have been much better now that I don’t schedule her for overnight dates.  I know some are disappointed about that, but I think it is best.  Maybe I will let her do a Wednesday night because she has Thursdays off work.

I recently read on a site a positive statement about one of our chicas, but the client said she was a MILF and that is not accurate.  If you are a regular hobbyist you know what a MILF is and if you are not, then you may think it refers to having children.  Chiquita is about 10 years away from becoming a MILF.  Other guys comment on chicas that are not their type as if anyone that has taste different than theirs is crazy.   Once a guy commented on a chica and said she was at least 35 because she worked in a bar nearly 20 years ago.  Well shortly after that she turned 30 and I don’t think she was 10 working in a bar, but some folks really post with conviction and then some folks actually believe what they say.  I don’t know if you know the term PLM but it means Pathetic Loser Monger.  That term is used in reference to many things but is suppose to mean that a Monger (hobbyist) accepts things or believes things from a prostitute that he would never believe or accept from a regular lady.  I often see these PLM guys cheer leading with the aniti-PLM guys against PLM’s.  Do these guys not know that many of us know who you are?

I think in general we need to tolerate people with taste different than our own.  At the same time probably some should refrain from posting things that they don’t know to be true.  I like to say that there is someone out there for everyone, and I believe this.  When a guy finds a chica that make the world shake for him, we should all applaud and be happy for that guy and his experience.  Some folks just cannot help themselves in criticizing others and their likes or believes.  We could all benefit from tolerance.  It is just a hobby after all.

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