Many times I see something and I think I should write about it, only to not remember the topic later the same day.  I think we call that CRS and I must have it. Anyway I am hoping to participate on this blog more often.

Charlie Sheen is suppose to announce he is HIV positive on the Today show tomorrow.  First of all let me say my prayers go out to him if this is indeed true.  On his sitcom 2 and 1/2 men he makes many references to Tijuana and I always thought that would look good in an ad that Charlie was our client.  In a craigs list ad I had reference a certain Oakland Raider missing the Super Bowl because he was having to much fun with Team Juanita.  I can imagine several prostitutes dropping his name as a provider he frequented, and would guess they would have kept their mouth shut now.  Charlie sure can play the part of a hobbyist well.  Today it seems that HIV is no longer a death sentence and we all know how well Magic Johnson is doing or at least appears to be doing.  One thing for sure is that the today show will have great ratings tomorrow.

With the terrorist attacks on Paris a few days ago, our television is full of specials and breaking news stories about ISIS.  What it the World coming to?  Are we next?  I feel like we are in a Super Man movie and the new villain has us wondering if Super Man can conquer the new 2015 enemy.  I have no answers and can only pray.  I am reasonably sure ISIS is not going after Tijuana, but I do have fear for my brothers.  It is a shame you have to worry when going to a stadium for a concert or an athletic event instead of just having fun.

Hope to interview a new chica today.  I have seen her picture and she is attractive.  Mary and Penelope are the new queens of Tijuana and word is getting out.  I hear from Macy’s yesterday and just waiting for her pics but I think she called 6 months ago wanting to come back but I never got those pics so we will see.   For those of you that like to visit in the daytime I want to suggest Osiris if you like young spinners that are attractive and provide great GFE dates.

Please be safe out there, and keep checking our site.

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