November 8 was the the 25th anniversary of the passing of my Father.  I always reflect on that day and am thankful for the times we had together.  You know as you grow older you say things your Dad may have said and often it is as if you transform into your Dad.  Growing up sometimes I may have hated things he would say, but I find myself saying the same things.   As Fathers go, I pretty much hit the jackpot.  He was a hard working man and loved his children.  I think of all the characteristics that I have gained from him the two that come to mind is to be punctual and I have his dedication to the job.  He was very patriotic as well and you better believe our house was flying the flag on all Holidays. It was very important to him and I will give him credit for my  love of our Country.  His birthday is also this month on the 25.

Dad loved his sports and coached me as a youngster from 8 to 10 years old in youth baseball.  One thing I have to respect is that I only played the minimum at 8 years old as I just was not good enough.  He was very fair and I got no breaks for being the coaches son.  Seems like all the other coaches sons were stars,  and I had my day  as well, but that first year I batted once and watched most of the games.   We use to go to see the Cincinnati Reds often and I could always learn from him at a game.  He saw things that others may not, but it gave me a greater appreciation of the game.

Dad was a pharmacist and worked long hours and was always the guy that filled in for the sick pharmacists. Many times he would be both the Manager and the Pharmacist at a store, and that can get overwhelming to schedule, train, and council employees and try to be a pharmacist at the same time. I remember when I was 18 or 19 he had me fill in as a cashier.  One day a customer brought in a coupon and thinking that I was being a good employee paying attention to detail, I declined the coupon and told the customer the coupon was from another store.  Well Dad, asked me if I wanted to offer the customer a ride to the competitor since I wanted him to spend his money somewhere else.  He ripped that coupon out of my hands and took care of the guy and thanked him for coming to the store and told him he will honor all coupons from the competing locations in the future. I was embarrassed but  her I am some 35 years later recalling that story and of course I did the same when I was a retail manager.

Dad played basketball at Butler University, but at the time it was known as the Indiana school of Pharmacy, but his degree was from Bulter so it most likely became Butler just before he graduated.  Now Pharmacy is a 5 year degree, but Dad knocked it out in 4 years.  I was never very dedicated to my studies but Dad graduated high school at 16 and I believe was 21 when he finished school. We often would go to Butler Bulldog basketball games and they were good but not like today.  I had knew several of their players from camp that my folks sent me to, when is was 10 or 11.  It was nice to see guys you really admired and they would call me by name and visit with me after the games.   Coach George Theofanis always was very nice to me.  I remember he has me shoot shots from right under the basket but wanted me to bank the ball in but not touch the rim.  If I could do it 10 times in a row, he would buy me a root beer.  Well coach “T” bought me a lot of root beers one year at basketball camp.  A few years later at about 14 I met Jon and Don Mcgloklin  at another camp and they later attended Butler and played basketball there.  Their uncle Jon Mcglocklin played for the Milwaukee Bucks I believe.

By the way you may have seen Ingrid is back on the site.  I hope she stays longer this time. If you have not seen her you should as she is a pleaser.  Penelope, Mary, Naomy 2 and Carolina all seem to be cut from the same cloth and are great escorts.  Kendra is doing great, and Kenia  is back as well.  Our team is so strong right now with the chicas reallly performing as a high level.  We have had a rash of first time clients which is always nice.  I am considering sending out e-mails updates and fiesta invitations so you may want to drop me an e-mail if you are interested.

Junior is having his 4th Birthday in December and he wants a Mickey Mouse cake and will wear his Mickey Mouse costume to Peter Piper pizza for a small party of friends.  He is a real delight and fun to be around.  My 15 year old biological son is getting involved in acting and is helping with some comedy show being filmed in Nashville.  Might see him on television soon.

With Thanksgiving coming up, I will try to write more this week.   It is a great time of the year and please be safe out there. Hope to see you all soon.


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