Guys I don’t blog enough, I know.  I do appreciate your e-mails asking for more blogs, and I have good intentions.  I enjoy blogging but when I get busy it takes away from my time at the computer.  Recently I have been getting a lot of ladies looking for work.  I often think of topics and then later cannot remember them. CRS

I just got a call from Jocelyn yesterday.  She did not say she was coming back to work but she knows the door is open  I am going to try and get her to attend the fiesta, but she was not too big on fiestas when she was working before.  Kenia from Rosarito says she is coming back but does not want to be pictured at this time.  I have invited Rose to come and I hope she does.  If that is not enough, the “secret weapon” says she will be there.  I believe we will have a nice group of clients and chicas as well.

Remember Nancy 2?  Well I have not talked to her but her reports were off the hook, and I could be wrong but I think Alex is cut from the same cloth, and will wear out her first clients. She is fun to flirt with and I am guessing that will translate to a tiger in the room.  Ana has been getting a few dates, but has expressed no interest in working weekends or even same day dates.  I will try to get her to the fiesta but that is most likely a long shot.

Working on my Amigos de Santa project.  Have got a few dollars in for donations and will be visiting businesses locally to get a bit more in.  I am hoping to get $2000 or the equivalent in pesos to really make some noise this Christmas.  My good friend, “FotoFreak” is working hard and taking money on pay pal.  You can send a message to the contact for on the site:  http://amigosdesanta.com/ and I or FF will get back to you on that.

Keep checking the site for new chicas and changes.  The fiesta page will show you who is scheduled and who is available for the fiesta weekend.  I cannot deny I am more excited about this fiesta than any other and am sure you will find it to be a real fun night.

Planning on having my son out for Xmas, and give him a taste of how we spend Xmas here in Tijuana.  Thanks to his Mom for giving me the green light on his visit.  I know I am talking about Christmas but we have Thanksgiving coming up and that is always a great day to spend with love ones and family.  Hope to be back by then, but you know I expect you to be safe out there.

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