Well, I found a friend last night and we hit the streets to give away candy.  I knew I would not see any Trick or Treaters in my neighborhood, but had no problem finding a bunch of kids. My friend enjoyed himself as much as I did and we were done by 8pm.  Halloween is a big deal in Tijuana and it is not just the little kids that dress up.

Cubs are winning game 6 big as I am watching a little college football.  You never know but looks like there will be a game 7 on Wednesday.  Can’t help but to hope the Cubs win.  Can’t help but to think they will blow a lead in game 7.

Well, we have the elections in a week and I am sure everyone is sick as I am about all the talk and ads for the election.  I, for one, will be glad when it passes.  People are passionate about their politics and some folks follow their parties nominee no matter what.  I guess that should not be so hard to understand, but I have to admit that I don’t understand.

Irlanda should have pics tomorrow and she should be a star.  She is 5’2″, 110lbs with 34B’s and speaks English.  I am pretty sure she will do well in this business.  Look forward to the first reports.

Jennifer is now working a restaurant job and has been named manager.  I am happy to see her have some success outside of our business.  I also find her more attractive now than 10 years earlier.  I look forward to presenting her at the next fiesta.

Hope you all get your dates for December 3rd scheduled in advance as it should be a very busy night.  I think I am looking forward to this party more than any party before.  Hope you can all come and have fun with us.

Be safe out there, and I will be back soon.