I am sorry to wait so long to write.  I have a lot going on right now and am keeping up with the business but not so much on this blog.  I hear the Mexican officials came close to capturing Chapo again.  When I read stories like that, I always think “I wonder what the real story is.”   I don’t know but I would not be surprised to find Chapo is in another Country altogether.  I do find it surprising that we have not heard of sightings, etc.

I should have new pics of Penelope soon. She is a future superstar and just absolutely gorgeous.  They were taken tonight and looked good.  Naomy has been taking pics most recently and they have been turning out good.  Jr has ruined my camera, so I got a new one this week and have not used it yet.  Tomorrow Jennifer is suppose to take pics of Angeles,  a new chica, that I have not yet met.

Mary still has no ID but she says she will have it this week.  I hate to count on that and the guys that have scheduled have been warned.  She is pretty.  She is 18. She is good, but I will not send her until she has her ID, and she will have it with her every date.  Hotel Ticuan and La Premier have been checking ID’s regularly and have found lots of minors trying to enter.  Please believe we are not interested in that market and our chicas will always be of legal age.

Jr is just short of his 4th birthday.  This Halloween he will be Mickey Mouse again, but in a bigger size costume.  He is starting to speak some English and that is exciting to me.  He enjoys watching football and baseball with me.  Today is a big football day and I will be in front of the television all day.  I will be answering your e-mails and phone calls though.

Looks like it is Kansas City and New York in the World Series this fall.  Both teams are on top of their game and hopefully we will have a good series.   I think this year it will be the Royals.  I see the Dodgers dropped Mattingly.  He was the only Manager in their storied franchise to win 3 straight division titles.  Where is the upper management when the Dodgers had no bullpen and pulled bone head moves.   I am no Dodger fan, and certainly not a Mattingly fan but I hope he beats them in the playoffs in his next Manager job.   That would be poetic justice.

College baskets is just around the corner.  Can’t believe this is week 8 in college football.  Where does the time go?

You all have a good weekend.  Be safe out there.



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