Today Chantel left our site.  A nice gentlemen is paying her not to work and it is a good deal for her, and I guess for her as well.  We all wish her well and in the event it does not last she can come back to work anytime. She was having trouble juggling two jobs.  The problem was she was too popular and she had no time to sleep and sometimes would be dead on her dates.  I took her off the overnights, and that helped.

Malia is back, and that should make quite a few people happy.  She just makes are team stronger in the spinner department, which has about 15 to 20 in it.  I keep hearing we are a MILF agency and that is fine as we do have some very much in demand MILF’s but not nearly as many as we have spinners.

Mary got the attention of lots of guys at our party.  She is definitely one of our 5 hottest chicas, and some say she is the hottest in TJ.  I find Reina and Heidi to be at the top.  It is a nice problem trying to rank our talent.  One guy at the fiesta was telling me how hot Sylvia is, in her uniform for the Tijuana soccer team.   She is one of the many edecans we have.  Edecans are promotional girls and offten translated to models.  Dayanne is also an edecan as are several of the chicas.

Very happy to find out Penelope is available all hours now.  She lost about $1000 per week in dates she turned down as she was working as a hostess in a restaurant and could not do all the dates requested.  Mary has been in the same boat, but hoping she too becomes available more as well.

Angelica came back Friday and was quite popular this weekend.  I cannot imagine her being that popular, but it is nice to see she has a fan club.   Angeles looked hot at the fiesta and did not arrive until close to 10pm, but I was happy to meet her.  Mariela looked good in her red dress.  Hoping to have some pics to share, but here are a few until I get the rest.


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I will be back soon.  Please be safe.



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