First of all, thank you to all the good people that attended our fiesta last night.  My friend fotofreak and her husband for attending and helping with some excellent pics.  Not sure what I will be able to post here but we will get something posted in a blog or on the main site.

I kept hearing from the gathering about how hot the chicas  were, and some of these hotties are a secret to many as their is a faction that always say our chicas are all fat and old.  Man as you saw last night, nothing could be further than the truth.  Believe it or not I just met Angeles last night for the first time and was impressed with her.  One lucky client took Penelope and Mary together and I am sure he had great fun.

Another guy got Luz and Angel and we are sending him to have his heart checked. Angelica, Ashley, Ingrid, Dolly, and Kendra all left with clients as well, and I believe a good time was had by all.  Blanca, Yessenia, Jennifer, Mariela, Nancy 2, Marbella, Ivana (TS), Cielo, Kenia, and Sarahi were all in attendance as well.  Cielo look particularly good and crazy as well.  She sure loves the camera and I am sure I will have something to share with you in regards to Cielo.

I do not have the final talley from this fundraiser, but my friend Scott handled the money and I am sure I will be able to post something soon.  Big Lou was his usual self in the DJ box and kept everyone happy with his selections.  Oscar was there to help with name tags and translations and his help is always appreciated.

The entire weekend was a big success and I want you all to know that your patronage of our business and your generosity with the orphanage is greatly appreciated.  Probably will be June when we do this again.   I was exhausted last night, but I am alive and well.  I cannot sleep but I am guessing as soon as the 10 am NFL games come on, that is when I will sleep.

You all be careful and safe.  Have a great Holiday season!

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