Well it is a new year.  Football is winding down, and basketball is gearing up.  Next month baseball payers will be reporting to Spring training and Arizona and Florida will be bombarded with baseball fans.   I spent a some 11 years in Scottsdale Arizona and I remember how crazy the Spring was with MLB teams in town.  I remember seeing Jose Canseco often at a favorite restaurant of mine.  He got a few traffic tickets around the city when he visited.

We made out pretty good for the Holidays.  I cannot remember a December with more business, and I guess you can credit that with the number of chicas we have an an improved US economy.  NYE came and left without incident, which always scares me with young chicas that may drink too much.  I was in bed by 10:30 and listened to fireworks all night long.  I swear the people of Mexico love their fireworks.  Work hard, Play hard is the motto of many.   At this point in my life, I prefer to sleep hard. 🙂

Are the Chargers leaving San Diego?   Most people seem to think so, but maybe something will happen at the last moment.  I guess not but hard to think San Diego will be without a team.  The non sports guys cannot grasp the economic impact a NFL team brings.  Restaurants, hotels, taxis, and vendors will all suffer and lots of jobs will be lost.  I am not sure how it will impact my business as will the Bronco, Chief, and Bear fans visit TJ if the Chargers play their home games in the LA area?  Seems like our business does better with baseball fans, but of course we do not want to lose costumers.  Comic Con always brings a lot of folks to Tijuana.

Have not had a new chica in a couple of week, but will try to add some by the end of the month.  The talent level is off the chart now with Osiris, Mary, Penelope, Kendra,Honey and Angeles all getting attention.  Mary should be back in about 10 days and Penelope will be back this weekend.   Angel, Kenia and Sarahi are all staying stead and with Jennifer and Luz at the top of the TER ratings for Tijuana our team is strong and deep.  If you have not visited in a few months, it might be time to consider a visit.

Hope your Holiday was good and still be safe always.  I will be back soon.

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