Well once again, things you think would not affect our business throw a monkey wrench in our business.  Now mind you I feel for those folks on the East Coast. and of course hope that everybody can wait out the storm in a nice warm cozy house.  We will be here when the weather is  nicer and we are here now.  My son made school one day all week.  I asked him to think of something he can do with his Mom that they may not otherwise do.

Well Lucy Liu’s pics got postponed as the photographer had an event today and was not available to take pics.  I am pretty sure she would have been busy this weekend, but she may get scheduled anyway.  Someone else has been calling looking for a chance, but we keep missing each other.  Working on getting pics of Kimberly with a smile.  She is suppose to send some soon.

Looking forward to football this weekend.  Should be an interesting site in Carolina in the middle of a snow storm.  I have bet Denver to upset the Patriots on Sunday.  Should be a fun weekend and leading to a great Super Bowl, and I am looking forward to the Party at Muelle 7 this year.  Pepe is working to put together a nice spread, and it should be fun.

Will be back soon, but in the meantime, please be safe out there.  Call us this weekend as chicas that were scheduled now have some openings.

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